Friday, 26 October 2007

i was just thinking...

it's about time i blogged! haha.
Well, the photoshoot with PennyRoyal went really well.
(you should check my flickr, cause i'm really into that right now)
AND as i've been wanting to do for ages- i started an art journal a few weeks ago and here are some pages from it! =D

hehe! also go and check out the RED VELVET KITS
they rock! look what came in my post the otherday from them!!!!

Monday, 22 October 2007


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Just a quick post before i go to bed.
Had a full day of editing today, and a full full fun day of photoshooting yesterday, with PENNYROYAL! haha. they were lots of fun, but my camera got bust in busy-silly London!
here is one of my fav from this 60's styled shoot!
add them also and check out thier groovy tunes;

Saturday, 20 October 2007


has it been that long since i've last blogged?
life is really busy, but hopefully things will slow down a little bit now that it's half term!

I've been up to this lately;

i'm a bit sick at the moment and i'm hoping that tomorrow doesn't rain because i'm doing a photoshoot in london, which i'm a little nervous for! little nervous and a lot excited!!!
(p.s. the quality doesn't seem to be so good today, check my flickr for the real thing. =DD)

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Street Fashion!

Thought I'd share something NEW I tried today!
Asking people on the street, if I could take thier photo- I've always wanted to do this, but never had the guts! Today I did! Thank you for making me brave Abi!

Bath, Oct 10 2007, Canon EOS 400D.

if you like these, check out Yvan The Face Hunter! He does this for a living!

Heather and Vicky... and charles?

Photoblogs today!!!!
Today was an English trip to BATH! So- myles(my canon) had fun exploring, and so did i!
NB: i'm totally digging the vintage processing right now- that's the only reason why i've done them like this! haha
Before we left, i wanted to get some shots of my Giggle Gang Gal!
shot at backwell school (ones with me were taken by farmerlindsey!)

Then! When we got to Bath, I dragged a few people around to find a doorway, here's the one Vicky Brown chose to be shot at!!! I love Vicky Brown!
(ones with me in were taken by my dear friend Abi- that's her in the first one!)

oh no!
i totally forgot to get some photos of charles after the show!!!
i'm sorrrrrry man- we'll have to set some time aside at school or something!!!
well, there's the one, i shot just before the play started.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Kim got a flickr!

Oh yeah, baby!!!
Check it out here; my flickr! There is LOTS of new stuff on there!!!
And here is some eye candy from some stuff i've been doing lately!