Wednesday, 29 August 2007

time to stop daydreaming!

I've been browsing around photographer's blogs and sites, and it's time to WAKE UP!!! haha.
The Image Is Found is currently what I'm crushing on! Thier images are so FUN! and I want a fun partner to play photos with!!! haha.
I've got so much to do- back to reality and the long list that just keeps pilling up!

and some fun stuff from last night, my partner in scrapbooking crime, and the two layouts I did!


Monday, 27 August 2007

the funky beat...

Today's post is mainly photos. I went shopping with my mum and got two new tops from my favourite vintage store ever!!! So- of corse I did self portraits!
Here is a shirt/vest combo! I've never owned a yellow top before!!

And the photo at the top is my other shirt! I feel so snazzy- I can't wait to strut around school, haha!!
I did a doodle, to get me in the mood for scrapbooking!

and then i did a page!
you can tell i'm super happy about my yellow. =D
I plant to work through all those little sketches that i doodled. hehe!
one week left till school 0.O

Thursday, 23 August 2007

results! yay!

Exam results for GCSE's were given out today!
Here's what I got;
A*; English Lit.
A; Art, Photo, Maths, Double Science, Business Studies.
B; PR, IT, English Lang.
C; German.
I am actually really pleased with these, and I'm super super motivated to get an A* at A-level for photography next year. I'm going to work so hard!! haha.
Updates on my daily life then, I made cookies!!

Yay, and I'm going to bring some to Ben's house tonight for his party!!
Here is my favourite photo from Alice's party;

(totally copying something I saw on Elsie's Blog. haha!)
And a new scrappage I did!

Monday, 20 August 2007

ooh! fun fun!!

Lots of fun stuff is happening!!

First of all, I got my scooter, and he's beautiful! now all I need is for it to stop raining so I practise those gears!
Here's a photo of him!

It's not the best and I promise I'll take some better ones when the weather is bit brighter.

Secondly- I joined this great online store/community called A Million Memories, and I made Layout Of The Day- so that's exciting!!
I'm also participating in a really fun challenge too, you should check it out! The ladies there are really nice and creative!
&here is my to do list for today/this week!!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

can't wait!!!

Can't wait till tomorrow, well, actually today, haha!
i'm so excited, that i can't sleep and i'm scrapbooking!
mum and i went to the mall today and got some new stuff!!

and i had to finish this page!!!
just thought i'd share!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Exciting new stuff!

So- I've been creating like crazy these last couple of days and staying relatively busy!
First of all, I have to just say this, or I think I might explode!
I bought a new scooter!!!
I'm so excited about it- it's hard to believe it really happened! haha.
it's a REAL scooter, and it's so lush. I'll be able to drive it 1st of Nov. I'm growing up!
here is a photo of it!!

the xbox sticker is going, haha. =D

And here are two new LO's for some more eye candy!


Monday, 13 August 2007

wasn't it you?

ooh! I'm so excited about this! I've just finished editing all the photos (and making thier CD) from yesterday's photo shoot with two friends from Myspace- Jess and Liam! There are so many of these I really like- but here are my favourites! Aren't they a beautiful couple?

ask if you'd like to use. thank you!

Now I'm off to scrapbook! Yay!! Hope everyone is doing well. =D

Friday, 10 August 2007


We (the band) went to go and give our demo to this band in Bristol after practice yesterday. They are called Saturdays And Sundays and we quite enjoyed them. They are currently promoting thier new single, and I know they'd appreciate it if you text 'SAS' to 78789.

This is very experimental, because I haven't done much gig photography, but here are some of the ones that I think are pretty interesting (it was really difficult to get them, cause thier engery was really flowing!).

Aug 09 2007.
Weapon; Canon EOS 400D.
Criminal; Me.
Editng; None.
The Louisiana, Bristol!
Lucy, Harri, Claire, Saturdays And Sundays &crowd.

I'd really appreciate it if you gave me credit if you want to use them!

The Outtakes!

Lot of photos today!!
Here is the photoshoot I did with my band- The Outtakes!

Aug 09 2007.
Weapon; Canon EOS 400D.
Criminal; Me(unless otherwise noted).
Editng; Photoshop.
Yatton, England.
The Outtakes. (Lucy, Harri and Me).

the next four taken by Harri.

last two taken by Harri's Mum.

enjoy. =D
please ask before you use, unless you're Harri or Lucy.