Sunday, 20 July 2008

City Of Style!!

Dad and I went to Gimme Shelter's City Of Style on June the 7th 08.
I really enjoyed it. the energy was great, and it was to see other people dressed up smartly.
fashion show, then did a bit of 'face hunting'. :]
enjoy (these are only like a third of what i took, but i didn't want to edit/upload all of them, it gets samey. haha.)

(jon the mod!)

(my dad is getting old. haha, he was tired by 10! i could've stayed all night.)

(repsycho is my favourite shop. half my wardrobe is from there.)

i have the best dad in the world. seriously. thanks for looking. :]

Friday, 18 July 2008

little bit of catchup.

here are a few catchup images from july. :]

i love liz, she took some cute photos of us. :] ^

on the train from london ^.
and the outtakes playing at HOBBITS. :]

alot of the gig photos were taken by jo and hana and katy. :] love them. thanks!!