Wednesday, 23 April 2008

tyntesfield fashion shoot.

we made the front page (of a 'national newspaper' as MC says) and had a big photo on page 5! how exciting!!!

this shoot was really good- there are just HEAPS of quality high fashion images here. having lighting made a huge difference. ohhhh i love how talented these girls are!

here is a taste of them;

might upload some more later. :] sleep now!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

hi, this is a real blog

with real words! :]

haha. i've had a really good two week holiday, and i love all of this planning and creating and organizing i'm doing. i am so busy- it's the best feeling, because it's art and friends and being famous and sharing and experimenting and loving and growing and learning!

i am feeling most inspired by my grandparents!

my grandma was a dress maker, a model, an actress, a quilt shop owner and more.
my 'ted' was in the navy, a gardener, a pupper master, a funny-man, a painter and more
and they make a great team! they owned several hotels and had thier own traveling puppet show, as well as being great parents and role models they are still really active now and i love them to bits! i'm so proud to have thier creative, motivated, famous genes! :]

i've been wearing my hair like this alot lately. :]
exams are here and i might disapear for a few weeks, but i'm still creating and i'll be revealing things as i can on flickr!
muah, kxx

Thursday, 17 April 2008

alex and sam's party.

i think probably everyone that was at the party has now seen all the images on the twin's myspace's. haha.

if you havent and you want a cd or a link, please comment here or e-mail me with your name&link to a myspace/facebook account and i'll see what i can do :]

here are a few of my favourites from the night;

shot with myles @ Bossa Nostra, bristol.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

i need a design team! haha.

hi! i need you scrapbookers out there!!!
for my graphics project on repitition and wallpaper i am designing my own paper line!
and i need some proof that they can actually be used! haha.
if you are interested, i can either send you a kit in the mail or i can send you a digital version.

i will just need you to use my papers in something creative! (layouts, mini books, cards, anything!!) here is the colour palete and there are some sneeks of the paper!

*NOTE* these are just the begining! i plan on making lots more and maybe even changing it up quite alot. i would LOVE any imput/suggesstions on what you like&don't!

also- just for fun, i thought i'd share a few pages of my sketchbook. more later!

i love you all!! you can e-mail me or leave a comment or message me on flickr or myspace.