Wednesday, 27 August 2008

PennyRoyal Single Launch.

(the formatting on blogger is making me agitated! ARGGH!)
July 25th 2008.
London, Leicester Square. :D
PennyRoyal's Single Launch.

There were about a million things i loved about this evening. the lighting was so great- it was like being in a lomograph the whole night.

as always, it was an excuse to embarass yourself, there are some pretty funny snaps here.

(^^ first on, i think.)

did i mention that i love these boys? well, i do.

(^^ my cousin. he is this amazing graphic designer. basically an idol.)

(^^second on, i think.)

(shawn! i'm sorry there aren't many of you, i haven't quite got the knack for getting amazing drummer shots yet. i didn't forget! haha.)
all my lovin'

Monday, 11 August 2008

just because.

i found it,

jade. march 08.