Tuesday, 18 December 2007

weston scooter club do.

15th of dec.
the emperials
weston scooter club
at the hobbits in weston.
all taken by me. :D

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

just an update!

i thought i'd blog some of my flickr photos recently!
i've been having alot of fun with school stuff :DDD

for my personal investigation in photography;
martin parr!!!

and truth;

and for my colour spectrum project i've been doing alot lately!!!
Here is another shot from the double exposures i did and more shots i'm using for it;

i also had a really good day walking around bristol with Matt, taking photos for my response on Rodchenko. :D This one we snapped for fun at the docks is in flickr explore at #91! :D

also i've been keeping up with my art journal, but i'm still debating if i want to post them or not, haha. life is happy right now!

Monday, 10 December 2007

miss bullet @thefleece!

i had a crazy weekend the first weekend of dec where i was literally
play one day- go see a band the next- play again- go see another band
was so good, but so busy.
here are some snaps from The Fleece in Bristol, I think this was the first time that Miss Bullet has played as 'miss bullet'... someone correct me if i'm wrong, i know Jodie was in the paroles...
anyway- photos now;
(again, crap school camera)

the outtakes play the croft!!

i need to get so much better at blogging, haha.
hopefully i'll get a few posts done tonight.
to start off;
We played at the Croft some time in Nov, and here are some photos from it;
i passed the camera around a lot and i blame the lack of good photos on the school camera and it's dodgey battery. :D