Saturday, 22 March 2008

the outtakes, march!

we had a little photo-taking-session (note, not a 'photoshoot' hahahahahaa) at band practise today.
okay, maybe it was a photoshoot. hahaha. here they are;

note- harriet took the ones of me and the ones of lucy&flower. :D all shot with Myles, edited on photoshop.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


being busy has been a plus lately. somehow- out of nothing, i've gotten really inspired! i feel like the world is turning just a little faster and lot more colourful lately! it's such a good change! i feel like this is my time. it's been hard for me so far this year. alot of disapointments and no time to really take them in and adjust. alot of pressure- but such is life.

things that are inspiring me;


ELSIE FLANNIGAN (and her lovely friends!!)!


and tunes like, The Womabats, OK GO, Duffy and other really great Northern Soul artists!!
just thought i'd share!! :D

also, just a heads up;

Sunday, 16 March 2008

london art trip- the digitals.

there were cameras everywhere that day. it was good.
these are the digitals. keep your eye on my flickr for the ones from 'Rod' my action sampler.

alot of these were taken by katy and others. myles was passed around abit. :]