Thursday, 13 March 2008

stacey is alive.

i miss blogging.
like proper- i talk to you, blogging. all of my blogs have been pure images lately, maybe a few 'this is this' type text.
hum. i guess it's because i don't really have much time anymore- and my camera is always out and then i come home and have to edit this stack of lovely memories.
i don't know how i'm ever going to scrapbook all of these.

nevermind. the point is life is good and busy and quite hecktic at the moment.
i feel famous. :]
and so much has changed. i should re-do my header and update my 'FAQ', so if you have anything you want to ask, comment or e-mail.

these are from when stacey made an apperence at school the other day. :]

digital- edited black and white in photoshop.
i loooove my crazy, weird friends.

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