Thursday, 23 August 2007

results! yay!

Exam results for GCSE's were given out today!
Here's what I got;
A*; English Lit.
A; Art, Photo, Maths, Double Science, Business Studies.
B; PR, IT, English Lang.
C; German.
I am actually really pleased with these, and I'm super super motivated to get an A* at A-level for photography next year. I'm going to work so hard!! haha.
Updates on my daily life then, I made cookies!!

Yay, and I'm going to bring some to Ben's house tonight for his party!!
Here is my favourite photo from Alice's party;

(totally copying something I saw on Elsie's Blog. haha!)
And a new scrappage I did!

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  1. Your version is so fab. I just read your comment on our RVKC blog and love to check out new names.
    ANd I think your new shirts are sweet.