Wednesday, 8 August 2007

'the healing begins'

so, an obvious downer- breaking up with matt- i'm going to turn into a good thing! i've stuck to my diet pretty solidly ever since we got back, and school is around the corner which means lots of work! It's SUMMER! So i've decided to enjoy it while i have all the free time in the world! just going through Elsie's new blog and i love it- it makes me so happy!
here is a scrapbook page i did!

the quality is a bit bad cause i was messing around with the levels- but still!
i'm so super excited to be back and creating! and tomorrow is going to be fun-filled; the band is coming over and we're doing a photoshoot and then we're going to give our demo to this other band after we watch them!
And i went into bristol with my mum today and we went around the vintage store!

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  1. I love how you took a photos! I think you doing wonderful job with photos! WWinks!