Thursday, 10 January 2008

bit of a catch up;

yum, eye candy!

over the holidays i've been really busy doing lots of crafting and school work, and things have finally calmed down a little bit. i've still got a list that's up to my eyebrows of stuff to do- but at least two of my courseworks are done and dusted.
there are lots of images on flickr- i just haven't put them all here. like little photoshoots and other fun stuff (like a super new self portrait).
what can you look forward to?
-->Weston Scooter Club 'love cubes'
--> PennyRoyal (new shoots soon)
--> Other commissions.
--> An Outtakes Gig on the 17th on Jan!
& if you check flickr and go back a few pages, there are tons of art journal pages.
i hope everyone is having a wonderful start to thier 2008 and lots of love,

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