Monday, 5 May 2008

my weeks

have been getting busier and busier, and i have been staying up later and later.
here is just a quick little catchup with some things that i am really excited about lately.

first of all, my band (the Outtakes) were on Star radio, and it was great fun!

and i can finally wear skirts and not freeze!

new about me. i've been doing alot of thinking about who i am lately. lots of big decisions about uni coming up.

there have been lots of birthdays lately, which is always fun. i made this painting for heather :]

and this bag for ashton;

speaking of which, i've been doing lots of sewing!!! check out my apron;

louie and i have been doing lots of zipping around, and i can't wait till i can take someone with me on adventures!!

i'm also really excited and stressed about school. i've got my first exam this week, and i feel like i never ever have enough time!! haha. we did get a negative scanner though- so that makes me happy! my flickr has loads of lomo/holga photos up now!

don't as me how, but inbetween exam prep and parties this month, i have managed to do a heck of a lot of photoshoots. a really great one was in London, with Duties Paid. he was so nice, and patient and i can't wait to finish editing all of his photos for him!

my local vespa man, Eddy Bullet also called on me to do a little shoot the otherday, there is always madness around the Weston Scooter Club, and i love them all.

i'm going to miss 'missing' jodie when she goes off to america. haha.

i have a new crush on these boys;

i saw them with my some friends in bristol the otherday and we now have a little 'keith murry' shrine in our graphics room at school. haha! yum, geeks are the best! We Are Scientists are really funny as well- proper wit. you should youtube them.

and i'm seeing these boys tomorrow!!!!

yay! i will be sharing more when i get another second!

if you shout at me here or on flickr or myspace i'll try and reply! :D

lovelove, kimxxxx


  1. If im in the situation of the owner of this blog. I dont know how to post this kind of topic. he has a nice idea.

  2. ooo yeeees me love We are Scientists + really jealous that you saw The Wombats. Their lyrics are hilarious! It's a bit annoying when bands you love actually get really big though isn't it!?! Or is it just me who doesn't like to share..