Saturday, 28 July 2007

South Africa 04.

July 13-19 2007.
Weapon; Canon EOS 400D (&tamron telephoto lense)
Criminal; Me
NB; NO EDITING. (just size reduction.)
South Africa; Howick/ Midmar.

I took a four-day photography course with Stephen Pryke, which was organized through the Midlands Meander and I had a wonderful time! I don’t think I’ve ever learnt so much about my camera in such a short space of time. ISO, White Balance, Light, Exposer Compensation… It was wonderful. I haven’t edited any of these photos because I like the fact that I had to get these ‘the hard way’. The ones I’ve picked out are the ones that we discussed and found nice or interesting (and to prove a point!).

Second day; Getting a Sunrise.
South Africa; Umgeni Game Reserve.

Third day; White Balance, Light, Portraiture.
South Africa; Glass Cuttings in Hilton.
Dave/other students/Jocelyn

White Balance Self Portrait outtakes at Midmar;
N.B; Jacket supplied by my Grandma!

(last photo- editing; photoshop)

Fourth day (last day); Catching moving water, panning.
South Africa; Umgeni Game Reserve.
Dave/Jocelyn &class’ shadows/myfeet.

Thank you to everyone in the class and Stephen for being so patient and wonderful and nice. I feel like a better photographer ten fold since then!

thank you for looking.
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