Monday, 9 June 2008

hello little blog!

i love you.
i think blogs are really great. i think i will probably get a typepad after summer...
i have had an absolutely cracking day with this girl;
heather and i got a little bit burnt sitting outside and painting and dancing and laughing.
it was really fun to feel 5 years old again.
i have lots of plans this summer. and one of them to get over exposed.
bring on the sunshine and summa that polaroid film! :D
i've still got loads and loads of catchup to do, but here is a little little bit of what i've been doing;i had some creative family round. i can't wait to get my holga pictures scanned!
my mum is in america at the moment, so i've been spending alot of time with my dad.

he is the best, though. he even went to the Gimme Shelter- City Of Style do with me!
we've also been doing lots of research on unis and things.

and i know you've met bill before, but he is something special. :]

i am really really excited about tomorrow, because all us arty kids are putting up our work for the a-level exhibition!!! i've been painting pegs and getting ready.
i'm really nervous because i feel like i have moved on SO MUCH from all my work. i'm so excited to start the next phase!!!here is a little peek!

as always, there will be LOTS more to share.
(including- my etsy shop!!!)

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