Thursday, 5 June 2008

inset day.

heather, vicky, and sophie were helping me take some photos for my graphics exam- and harry was helping by getting in the way. haha. here are the outtakes!!

myles was passed around alot :D


  1. check out harry being calvin klein! haha, and heather and vicky and sophie and you look bloomin lovely as always, i love heathers hair up yum yum x

  2. ha good times thanks
    i like windy
    and i like sophies cute face
    and vickys fit hair and generalness
    and your apron
    and my long hair (i miss it)
    and harry should have a mention
    ashtons party ones are nice too
    i seem to have missed your face when attempting a kiss and finished at your chin
    thats ok though right?