Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Here are the Frequently Asked Questions that people ask me about me and about my photography. If you have any others tell me!

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Canon EOS 400D for most of my shots. For film- I’ve got a Minolta Maxxum4. I have telephoto lenses for both of them, but I normally shoot on 18-55.

What kind of Film do you use?
I’m an Ilford girl. I love HP5plus, because that’s what I’m used to- but I use the 100 speed films too. Also- if I’m away from home and I want to see them, I’ll shoot with that Kodak black and white film that gets processed like colour. For Colour films, I’ll use a Kodak 400 or faster, but I hardly ever shoot in colour.

Do you edit your photos?
Yeah, for the most part. I’m trying to get into the habit of setting up my shot properly now and taking the photo correctly so there is minimal editing, but I do use Photoshop CS2. I think editing is part of the fun of photography, it adds to the process, and I think it’s when I really connect with my images- just like when you develop them.

Do you develop your own film?
Yes, I’ve got a dark room at my house, and I do my Black and White 35mm there. I use Ilford chemicals and paper.

What is your studio like?
Well, the studio that you’ve seen with the white sheet- it’s my living room. I set it up when people come over. But the brown wall is in my room and that is always pretty much ready to go, though I need to buy some real studio lights.

Where do you print your photos?
Most of the time I print them off at home.

How do you take your self portraits?
Most of the time I use a self timer and a tri-pod, but sometimes I’ll just hold the camera out at arms length, depending on what feel I want to the image. I’ll normally set up the shot I want and take a frame and then go and jump in it. You’ll notice that if you’re against a blank wall, the camera will have trouble focusing if it’s on auto-focus. I either manually focus or set up my teddy on a stool so that it gives the camera something to focus on.

What did you take at school?
I’m still at school and I’m doing my A-levels right now at a Sixth Form. I’m taking Photography, Art Graphics, Maths, and English Lit/Lang. I passed all of my GCSE’s and got an A in both Art and Photo.

How old are you?
I’m 16 right now; I’ll be 17 on October 31st 2007.

How long have you been doing photography?
I got serious about two years ago.

Can I book a photoshoot with you?
Of corse!!! Go here for the info!

Can I support you?
Sure- click here to see how!

Where can I see your work?
My Gallery is here. Otherwise my Myspace is a good place, or right here on my blog!

What’s with the ‘killer’ and the ‘x’?
Haha, the ‘killer’ came from the saying ‘I shoot people’... And about two years ago it was quite popular to try and rhyme your name with a word. That’s where it started. And the ‘x’ started out with me trying to look tough, but now it just doesn’t really mean anything. Some people think it’s a kiss, and I think that’s pretty cute. When you read my name- the ‘x’ is silent. It breaks up my name and differentiates me from all the other ‘Kim Smith’s out there.

What is Scrapbooking?
Scrapbooking is taking photographs and combining it with paper and embellishments to preserve your memories in a fun and beautiful way! It’s a pretty big movement now and I used to work in a scrapbook store.

Will you make me an album?
E-mail me, and I’ll see what I can do. No promises though.

Where do you keep all your scrappages?
They are 12x12 and I keep them in albums, on my desk. If you’re ever around my house, ask me and you can have a look!

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