Saturday, 1 September 2007

ooh, my feet hurt!!

ice skating!!! i had completely forgotten why i even started in the first place. jace, stacey and i went skating yesterday and i had such a blast twirling and doing my little jumps! hopefully we'll be going again on mon!!! and it's such good exercise- i want to make it a regular thing!!
i also found the shoes i have been looking for, for YONKS! but my feet still hurt so much, hahahah.

Getting ready for school is exciting and daunting and i keep making this face: >.O when I think about it. sometimes i made this face; x.x thinking about how much time i'm going to be losing sitting in the common room during frees.... when i could be scrapbooking....

i made my english and maths books today!!!!


  1. Woah, i love your stuff, so grungy and funky and your threads are amazing, yellow really suits you....finding it so hard to see how young you are but so very very talented. Your photography is inspiring (espesch to a complete novice like me). well done on your GCSE results. X

  2. I love the way you make book for math and english! i wish i did same thing when i was at school!

    you are rocks girl!!! winks