Thursday, 27 September 2007


The weeks are flying by! or, it feels that way, anyway. please, can it just slow down for a little bit! haha!!! Between band practise, gigs, art graphics homework, Charles Dickens, free periods with the Gossip Queen, and my new job... I've gotten so behind on my online communities!! ah!

So I thought I'd start the catch-up with a blog about all the things i've done and need to do!

The Outtakes were really famous this week! We played in Lucy and Harri's Performing Arts class for thier assesment (its so lucky i have frees when they have this class!) and playing at The Louisiana plus a ton of extra practises!! Check out the poster!
Thank you to everyone who came!!!! It was really good to play there. And a special Thank you to 'Them Brokes' who rocked the stage after us!
My new job!!! I bet you're all wondering!! haha, I'm really happy to announce that I am Backwell School's Photography Technician!! It sounds pretty posh, but I basically take responsibility for the darkroom, change all the chemicals and give it some love! Now- I get to wake up an hour earlier and smell constantly of chemicals! I love it. =D
This is just a little shout out to all the people that I love at school right now! They make it do-able for me! =D Heather, Lindsay(the Gossip Queen), Vicky, Stacey, Harri, Bobby Dylan (lol!!!), Ben, JACE FACE!, Jones, Lucy, Joe, Jamesie, James T(on a roll), Greaser!!!!, Jack, Becky... and so many more. I'm really appreciating all the love I have in my life at the moment! Thank you!!! You keep my inspired!
Wow, today's blog is really wordy, I think I'll leave it there- you'll definately get some eye candy when I get a moment to CREATE something for myself... haha!


    you put the smile in my day :)

  2. Heehee thanks very much for your compliment on my blogging style! It isn't intentional, it's just rambling. Fancy names really can make anything sound better, like your Photography technician thing. I might start saying that my weekend job is a Lingerie Maintainer, rather than 'stacking bras at Primark on a weekend'.