Tuesday, 4 September 2007

the sun is shining!

put on your favourite song!
when last day summer shopping with my mum and we bought the craft store out of refill adhesive. hahaah.
I did a photoshoot with my scooter today, this is one of my favourites and the other one can be found on my myspace; here.

school tomorrow and i washed kev and he is all ready!!

And I've been tagged!!

Anyone who reads this and is a girl is tagged too!!!
And part of being tagged is I have to list 5 scrapbooking products I can't wait to get!!
1. Red Velvet Kit.
2. Love, Elsie line!
3. More Foof-a-la buttons!
4. New Basic Grey.
5. Other Kits!!


  1. Gorgeous picture with your bike! Look at you, all color-coordinated.
    I love it! Have fun using all that adheisive!

  2. Great picture of you and your bike!! Are you really only sixteen? Your scrapbooking style is so artistic!! I thought when you scrapped about school uniforms it was for college or something. You seem like such a fun person!!!


  3. Wow!!! Kim!! Your photography ROCKS!!!! I just got finished looking at all of it!! I love your scrapbooking style too!!! See you on the boards at AMM!!!

    PS What is England like??? I am from Lafayette, Louisiana. I want to visit there at least one time in my life!!!!!
    -Charlotte :)